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    Q: Are your goods authentic?

    A: Everything we sell is checked for authenticity before we upload it to our online store, therefor you can shop with confidence that the goods you are buying are guaranteed authentic. 

    Q: Can I use a seperate billing and shipping address. 

    A: Yes, however we do not prefer this method. Secondly, for most orders with separate billing and shipping address, we will email you and ask you to provide photo ID of the name on the billing address. We do this for our safety.

    Q: What is the condition of your goods?

    A: All our goods are brand new. We have used goods available in store only.  

    Q: How long does shipping take?

    A: Please allow 5-7 days for your goods to arrive at your doorstep for all U.S shoppers. For international orders, shipping can take from 5-10 days to arrive. 

    Q: Do you have a store?

    A: Yes, we are located in Noho. 218 East 5th St. Manhattan, NY, 10013. 

    Q: Do you ship internationally? What is the shipping rate?

    A: Yes, we ship to almost all countries. The shipping rate is provided at checkout once you input your country. Similar to orders with a separate billing and shipping address, we will most likely ask you to provide a photo ID with the name on the billing address via email, if you are ordering internationally. Lastly, we do not ship to a separate billing and shipping address on international orders as this is too risky for us. 

    Q: How can I consign my goods?

    A: We make it very easy for a consigner to sell with us, there are 3 simple steps to follow. Go to the start selling tab of our website and download the CopVsDrop Consignment Form, fill it out and email it to us. For in store consignment, you may come to our store at anytime to consign, no appointments needed. 

    Q: What is your consignment rate?

    A: Currently we take a 80/20 split, consigner receives 80%, and we keep 20%.

    Q: How do I know when my goods sell?

    A: We email consigners every Sunday when their goods sell, with a list of their sales and a current balance they have with us. 

    Q: How do I get paid?

    A: We keep an updated balance of your sales with us, after receiving your sales report, you may come in to our store anytime from 11am-5:00pm to pick up your check. You may accumulate your balance as long as you wish and pick it up all at once as opposed to weekly. 

    ***If you would like your check shipped to you, please give us your address through the email we sent your consignment receipt to, and a $10 fee will be deducted from your balance each time we ship  you a check.